You Might Remember Me.

You might remember me.

I used to run, and swim, and ride, and do a lot of research. 

And then I moved out on my own, and started grad school, and started a new job, and - well - it's been hard to blog about life because life's been too busy happening.

But I still live.
And run.
And swim.
And ride. (Confession: I don't ride so much during marathon season.)
And also study my face off.

With 2 months left in the year, I have beat 2011's swim distance by over 20,000 yards; I am within 40 miles of 2011's run mileage (which is about 2 week's worth of runs); and I'm within 200 miles of last year's bike mileages (which is only 4-5 rides).

SO - if I only run one more week, ride 5 more times, and didn't swim at ALL until December 31, I already kicked 2011's ass.

Add this to the Ass-Kickery: I just ran a 15k in September. My old PR was 1:58. My new PR was 1:40. I laughed my ass off all the way thanks to a good friend. I then ran a 5-miler in October, not as a race, but to support a buddy who'd never run a 5 miler. (That's all the Race Report I have time for).

On the Left: 5-mile buddies. On the Right: 15k buddy having Food Truck food a few weeks later!

My goal for El Cinco - the Rocket City Marathon - is sub 5 (hours) for 5 (marathons) in 5 (states).  That's why I'm calling it El Cinco.  My goal for the half marathon in 2 weeks is the Two-Teens. But, I am a little overwhelmed with grad school, due for all my quarterly doctor appointments, feeling exhausted because they probably need to adjust my thyroid meds or supplements again, and nursing a small injury. So, if you want to know the truth, I'm just feeling extremely grateful to keep moving.

Sure, I'll be momentarily aggravated if all the training was for nothing - but, when it all comes down to it,  I just wanna have fun finishing.  (See above.)

I swim.
I run.
I ride.
I study my face off.
I have great friends.
IMOF starts next tomorrow. 

My life? Is kinda perfect.

2012 totals
Bike:92h 32m 50s - 1618.9 Mi
Run:84h 29m 56s - 437.74 Mi
Swim:52h 33m 49s - 125397.1 Yd
Strength:12h 15m
Massage:2h 50m
Stair Running:05m
Walking:6h 00m
Yoga:8h 50m

2011 totals
Bike:117h 28m 47s - 1889.05 Mi
Run:103h 18m 28s - 475.65 Mi
Swim:46h 00m 31s - 101363.7 Yd
Strength:15h 35m
Stretching:10m 20s
Walking:3h 20m
Yoga:1h 35m 20s

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