Marathon Training, Week 1, Day 1: Dances with Bulls

Today was my first day back to training. My goal race is the Melbourne and the Beaches (Inaugural) Marathon on February 8, 2009. My half marathon will be the OUC Half on December 6, 2008 . This will be my second marathon (first in Florida), and my 3rd half marathon (second time running the OUC Half).

My goal for both races?

To finish.

I don't think I can honestly expect a PR with only 6 weeks of training (16 for the full) and the year I've had, so I'm counting it as a PR to be able to log another running of the OUC Half and another marathon. I'll be loosely following Hal Higdon's Novice 2 Schedule, although I have the training base to use the Intermediate 1 schedule, since I've decided to make my goal a little more conservative than I would have made it in weeks past. I'm jumping in on week 2 of that plan, since I have 16 weeks untilthe marathon and the program calls for 18. I'll also be doing more strength and flexibility training since it worked for me during PT last year. This week's runs are a 3mi, a 5mi pace, a 3mi, and a 9 LSD. For my first few weeks, my long runs will include walk breaks.

Also, my schedule for the rest of the year will include more spectathleting - this weekend at the Great Floridian Triathlon in Clermont and hopefully for Ironman FL on November 1. IM FL is a 12-hour drive, so I'd need to be able to get the day off on October 31, which I don't know if I can do.
My training schedule will also include something it didn't have before: a running partner. I'll be running at least part of my distance, or an additional 1-3 miles, every day with my four-legged buddy. (Yes, he is sitting next to my bicycle on the trainer in that picture.) Tonight I'll complete one of the shorter distances since this week's two rest days have already been taken and the schedule will need shuffling. This morning we went almost 2 miles in about 18 minutes, mostly in Z4 because he runs so much faster than I do.

And that's why I decided to call Day 1 Dances with Bulls. (Or bullies.)

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Wes said...

I like keeping the expectations reasonable. Will you cheer for Sarah for me at the Florida Challenge?

Maybe you could tie two of the dogs legs together :-)