I'm Allergic to B.S.

I went to the doctor today for my first real physical since I was a kid. It wasn't much to speak of - she asked a bunch of questions, listened to my heart and lungs, gave me a tetanus and flu shot and asked about my bronchial/sinus thing. When she heard how congested I still sounded and all the post-nasal drip that was going on (still), she was pretty unconvinced that I still had an infection or virus. She listened to my lungs, pronounced them clear, and then, as my previous PCP did when I went to him with the beginning of all my health issues 5 years ago, she told me she thought it was "allergies."

I was already tested for allergies ( a few times in the past 5 years), and nothing came back - they called it "non-allergic rhinitis." My new doctor said that a lot of allergies don't show up on tests and she wants me to try Singulair and get more bloodwork. This will be at least my 4th round of the same bloodwork this year. It makes me wonder when they're going to stop testing me for the same crap over and over again. But I'm just the patient, so I'll roll with it.

Now I'm back to 4 medicines again: an SSRI, a beta blocker, allergy medicine AND the NuvaRing. I don't know if I'll ever be able to live a drug-free life, which wouldn't be a big deal except that every time I'm on something, the side effects make me a wreck. My hope is that we finally discover the right combinations with the least bothersome side effects. I know I'm still tired as hell, sluggish and eating like crap again (although the last part is no one's fault but my own.) I know I catch everything that comes around and get dizzy and achy all the time. I haven't had bad chest pains in a while, or migraines, so that's a major plus.

Maybe I'm just allergic to B.S. There's been a lot of that in my life.

Despite the shadow cast over my day by the additional medication, I feel somewhat hopeful about this visit. The new doctor actually listened to a few things I said and told me, "that's not normal!" These were general complaints I'd made to my previous PCP years ago and he had just sort of shrugged and said, "Well, it happens." So I felt like she was listening to me a lot more closely. Also, I got the all-clear to go back to training since my chest is A-OK - so tomorrow I go back to running and get myself moving for the OUC Half. I volunteer at the Great Clermont Triathlon this weekend for the CFL Tri Club. And if the only pills I have to deal with (besides my giant honking box of vitamins) are my beta blocker, the SSRI, the NuvaRing and allergy medication - AND - here is the catch - AND - they actually MAKE ME FEEL CAPABLE of LIVING A NORMAL LIFE again? I'm game.

I know I've said this many times - no one will ever be able to accuse me of not taking action.

In other news, the internet douchebag is still harassing me every time he sees me post in any thread. I'm not letting him scare me off. I keep telling him to leave me alone. No internet tuff guy is going to darken my day or keep me away from my normal e-activities. Dammit.

4 tidbits of wizdom:

CCP said...

Yay training!!!

Internet douchebag? Hm...perhaps he should find something better to do with his time like volunteer for a charity or train for a triathlon. People are so pathetic sometimes.

Alili said...

I think I'm allergic to work...at least currently.

Wes said...

post nasal drip huh? Have you been checked for reflux? I am an expert on this now...

Tea said...

douchebag? who is it? lemme at 'im.

btw-my son JMAN has bad allergies and asthma. He has to take singulair at night (because it works on the asthma better at night). Anyhoo, he also takes flonase, advair, eye drops....so I understand being on a whole bunch of medicines.

I hope the singulair works for you. It's helped him out alot. He's just happy it's helped with the asthma piece.