Marathon Training, Week 1, Day 2: False Start

I'm a big football fan. (Well, that's a bit of a misnomer - I am a big SPORTS fan. In fact, as I sit here typing, I'm watching the World Series.) Growing up, I watched a lot of sports - live games, televised games, even played a few sports.

Anyway, my favorite thing to do on Saturday and Sunday during fall was watch football with Dad. And my favorite football pastime was trying to call penalties before the refs. A personal speciality of mine? Telling the difference between offsides and false start. I still get those two mixed up to this day, but according to some sports nuts, so do a lot of coaches, so I'm in good company. The difficulty? When you're waiting for the snap, any tiny move on the field can look like a penalty and it can be hard to tell whether it was on the offense or defense. A false start is when an offensive player who is not supposed to move moves before the snap.

This week? I moved before the snap.

I got a flu shot Wednesday, and it made me sick. Probably shouldn't have started training the week I got both a flu and tetanus shot, right? But I figured I'd just take it easy and get moving. Tuesday I got in about 2 miles Today I get ready for my 5-mile pace run - the dog is all over the place, it's raining, I don't feel good, it's now pitch black, and then - and then - AND THEN. . . .

I can't find my Hammerhead finisher's hat.


I can't run without this hat.

I can't race without this hat.

You don't understand. I am superstitious as a m'f'er when it comes to sports. This is the hat from my first Olympic tri, my first race attended by my parents, and my first medal. From the race that got me into Nationals. That hat can't be purchased anywhere, and it means a LOT to me. I am not exceptionally fast, smart or pretty. This has not been a great year. I need all the luck I can get.

I dig through the laundry, all my cabinets of race stuff, my boxes of beacons, body glide and race belts - even my swim bag - everything I can think of. No hat. By now it's drizzling, windy and night time. A 5-mile run is not feasible. So I snap on one of my road beacons and take the dog for a walk. Which turns into a run. Altogether about 3 miles, mostly walked, but I'll take it. I'm still seriously bummed, though - and it's not because I didn't make my planned run.

It's because of that hat.

So tonight I'm sending out telepathic signals to the universe about two things: a good 5-miler in the morning, and That Damn Hat.

4 tidbits of wizdom:

Tribrit said...

Too funny, my HOT hat is my favourite one too - I always use it for spin class! Nope, you can't have mine......

Alili said...

You know what I really like about this still went out and DID something. 3 miles is a solid day 2. :)

Wes said...

Free your mind, grasshoppa :-)

RBR said...

Ooh, I shudder at the thought of losing my running hat. I totally understand.

A run is a run. Good for you. Take care of yourself and happy training!