Marathon Training, Week 1 Recap: Lost and Found

I will be back later today or tomorrow with some photos and notes from the Great Floridian Triathlon (140.6) and the Florida Challenge (70.3) from the volunteer stations I helped man.

Here's the quick recap of the last few days of Week 1:
  • Seeing the tri group really got me motivated!!
  • Saturday I made a huge (and obvious mistake): I didn't properly feed myself for the 5+ hours I was out in the sun. I also didn't drink enough. (I'm a triathlete and naturally dehydrated/sensitive to blood sugar changes; shouldn't I know better?!?!!) So when I went for my 5-mile run I had a massive headache, a bad dizzy spell and almost threw up. It turned into 3miles at a 12.5min/mi pace.
  • No long run on Sunday. In my defense, one of my new medicines or the flu shot - not sure which - is making me queasy every day, so my illness on Sunday and even Saturday could very well have been the combination of meds. Today I'm trying them at different times and I'm not wearing my contacts in case they contributed to the headache.
  • Lucky hat discovered lost Thursday.
  • Lucky hat FOUND on Friday!
  • Total workouts this week: 4 runs (just under 2 miles Wed, just under 3 Thurs, 3 Friday and 3 Saturday) for a total of around 10 miles - this doesn't include the 5+ miles I walked with the dog between Friday and Sunday. There were 4 runs on my schedule of 3,3,5 and 9 - so even though my mileage suffered I got in 4 workouts.

All in all, not a bad first week "back." Today is a scheduled rest day so I will walk the dog and maybe throw in some weights or yoga. Or a bit of both.

More later.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

Awesome workouts!! Quesy sucks.. I'm also glad you found your hat!!!

Tea said...

well...the volunteering sounds like it was fantastic! Watching those people finish...I remember watching people finish at CDA, and it was amazing.