Aaaaaaand . . . . GO!!!!

This morning I did my first club workout. Very intimidating for someone who's never belonged to any club or group in her life, except those nerdy societies into which one automtically gets inducted upon completion of a certain score or goal. I felt like Tea during her first club workout. I kept thinking, "What do they think of me? Will they like me? Are they laughing cause they're all so buff? They probably think I suck. This is a non-coached workout, but should I follow everyone else or knock this s(#*t out just like I'd do on my own?" (The latter won, by the way.)Tomorrow I get to do my first indoor spinning class - which begs two questions . . . 1)How does someone who's been working out since she was 18 and racing for two years, manage to *never* spin indoors? and 2)WTF *does* one wear to an indoor spinning class. Is it like riding my bike outside, sans special shoes? Or what?

Yeah, go ahead and laugh at me. I am. I feel brand-newbish all over again.

So, this is the moment when I remind myself that the Meggan of a year ago would never have *imagined* a 2200yd swim workout, especially not as her "warmup" for the season. Even 10 years ago, when I first started swim/bike/running just for fun, my workouts were a 2-mile run, a 10-mile ride an maybe a 200 to 400yd swim. But not this morning. Several sets of drills, about an hour and 15 minutes gone by, and all of a sudden I had logged 2300 yds.

But who's counting that warm up lap? Not me.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

They just started a new tri club here in my town and I BIT THE BULLET and emailed to sign up.

I'm not good about groups. ESPECIALLY groups where I'm supposed to perform...physically. Makes me shy and nervous. But soon I'll be in that position...first workout with the group. I'm already nervous. Definitely keep us up to date on how it goes...

Tea said...

YOU ARE A FREAKING ROCK! Look at you getting all crazy buff! Just wait until racing season starts!