The (Wo)Man With the Plan

Ok, kids . . . tomorrow it all starts: my first workout with the club and my return to training. I have to be honest - I've been putting it off. Work and the divorce have been crazy. I was supposed to do my first club workout on Saturday, but I ended up at work both yesterday and today.

Well, now I've had my rest, I've done my celebrating, and it's time to get rolling. I have a little les than six months to train for Florida Half Ironman . . . and it's time to get DOWN TO BIDNESS!!!!

Here is a rough idea of what I will be doing over the next few weeks while I warm up. As the weeks go on, this will evolve, but this is where I am starting from.

Monday 5 am - Swim (pool) OR OW swim at 6:30 @ Lake Cane
Tuesday 5 am - Spin/Run
Wednesday5am - Swim/Run
Thursday5 am - Spin/Run/Strength
Friday - OFF (maybe PM Yoga)
Saturday 7 am - Track/Strength
Sunday 7am cycling in Clermont OR 10am yoga if not done Friday

Ladies and gentlemen . . . t-minus 11 hours to liftoff.

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Joy | Love | Chaos said...


I heart bidness!

Can I share some advice my lovely coach has shared with me? It has definitely helped.

(1) don't run two days in a row. it's just too hard for your body to recover properly and it leads to overuse injury. always spread out your runs across the week. right now, i run three times a week, but always with at least a day break in between.

(2) never ever run the same day you lift. it's the biggest strength rule she's drilled into my head time and time again. day before or day after the run? perfectly fine. day of? recipe for injury disaster.

So, my unsolicited advice (that's not even really mine!).

Have a total blast with the new energy and focus! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!