Spin, Spin Sugar . . . and the NEWS

Ok, so yesterday I did it. My first spin workout. And let me just say two words: holy crap.

Maybe it was because I haven't cycled in so long, maybe it was because Hector is a tough coach, but either way . . . that was a serious ass-kicking. It was about a 30-40 minute spin workout followed by strength. It was fun as hell, and everything everyone said it would be (except that I don't think my ass hurt as bad as Duane's! LOL!) There was good music, black lights, cool people. (And, in case you were wondering, I dressed perfectly - some older sneakers with my Philly Marathon tee and some tri shorts.) I could have brought my cycling shoes and clipped in, too, but I am pretty sure the clips were speedplay. It's been so long since I stared at my pedals that I didn't really recognize them. (Isn't that sad? Good thing it won't last long.)

I'm really enjoying the group workouts so far. Granted, I've only done two, and the social aspect is immensely uncomfortable because of my inherent shyness, but I am doing it. Today was a swim - coached this time - and I couldn't wait to hear some of Hector's tips on swimming - but I elected to sleep in. I don't want to attack this first week too aggressively, hit every single workout at 100%, and burn out before I get to my peak. I have a long 6 months of training ahead of me and I want to ease into it, do it right and have a good time. I'm ready to get down to running, too, which we haven't done yet as a group.

There is another reason I am not completely diving in, too, and it involves my very big NEWS. I made the decision this week (like my tri-sister Jayme) to enlist the help of the one . . . the only . . . Elizabeth Fedofsky, also known as the ELF. I don't know yet how this will jive with my club workouts, but you'd best believe that I'll do whatever The Elf tells me to do. I've been fighting with myself for a very long time about getting a coach. Of course because it means budgeting is tighter, but also because . . . well . . . this sounds kind of stupid when I say it outloud, but I'm going to say it nonetheless. Yes, I wanted to be one of those self-assisted phenoms that rose to age-group placement in races armed with a few books, some friends on some forums, and a general knowledge of and love for the sport. I've realized, however, that I can't do it alone - not with everything else I have going on in my life, and not during my first year of major-distance races. My official training with her begins in January.

So, stay tuned, ladies and goims. I'm sure I'll have more updates as the weeks and months progress.

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Joy | Love | Chaos said...


The best decision ever! Love it! You'll be so happy you did, sistah...

Duane said...

Merry Christmas!

Tea said...

Congrats on getting a coach! I think that's the best thing you could do...until you start beating me that is.