The Chicago Story, Day Two

Today was packet pick-up. Otherwise known as The Day Shit Gets Real. 

Even if I I wasn't nervous, I have to admit, there's nothing like packet pick-up day to bring on a case if the jitters. Oddly, I wasn't remotely nervous about Heartland, an Olympic tri I did this summer, and it was 3/5 as long as my normal marathon.  But this marathon....well....that's. 26.2 miles. And my IT band has been arguing with me. And it's cooler than Florida, but surely 10 degrees warmer than I'd like. And this new plan had me doing a lot more speed work than longer runs. So I have a little case of the pre-race jitters going here.

By now you know that I'm a City Girl and I'm superstitious as hell. I adore city trips and city marathons.  I also search for little signs to encourage me going into a big race: numbers that stand for something - old PRs, special sates, etc.; special meals or places visited. Milestones reached. I am a relatively intelligent and educated woman and I know this us ridiculous, but whatever helps you get through, right?

I got two signs today that bode well for tomorrow:  The race shirt is the best fitting and looking shirt I've had since Savannah, which is where I have my biggest PR. Also, I got The Jacket.

This is my eighth marathon, and every marathon I've been envious of the other marathoners who purchase The Jacket. The Jacket is mostly a thing at Boston, but every marathon has one. It's usually a nice, athletic cut in a tech fabric from a quality maker (Nike, Brooks, etc.)   For the first time, I rewarded myself for all my hard work by getting myself The Jacket.

We did a little bit of walking around the city and had the time to take an architectural boat tour. I haven't yet seen it on foot the way I will tomorrow, but by boat, Chicago is an absolutely breathtaking city.

I'm headed to bed tonight knowing that I have everything prepared...even had a chance to take a nap during the day. Then the Chicago Cubs had a great game and come home to Wrigley tomorrow, so the city will be absolutely electric. Tomorrow is going to be whatever it will be.

I can tell you a few things for sure: I'm excited to be here. I'm happy for the Cubs I'm thrilled to have raised over $2,000 for AKBTC. And Chicago is most definitely My Kind of Town.

Good luck to all the other racers out there!

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