The Chicago Story, Day One

It's been a long time since I did a daily photo diary of one of my marathon trips, so I thought The Ocho was the perfect place to pick it back up.

The theme for the last few weeks has been "nothing goes to plan," so it should come as no surprise that the plan for my arrival at ORD last night mirrored the last few weeks. Instead of hitting up the expo, though, we did get a chance to have dinner at Portillo's, a perennial Chicago fave, with some college pals.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any cool pics since we went from the airport to the restaurant and hotel and it was pretty much dark, but My Kind of Town is having some beautiful weather and our hotel is a great choice (Expedia deals, anyone?!?!)

Today's plan is just enough walking to keep my legs turned over and early bed: pick up my packet, breakfast for race morning, lay out all my stuff and go on an architectural boat tour.  Apparently even the locals say they're fantastic!

$2,020 raised for A Kids' Brain Tumor Cure.  Couldn't be prouder, but would love to move the needle more.

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