Hump Day Quickie

. . . . Now that I have your attention.

This giant asshole is really picky
(and constantly hungry)
My Hump Day started out fantastically.  One of the cats puked behind the sofa while I was getting ready for work and making breakfast cookies.  It was green and very wet (the puke, not the sofa).  Which makes no sense, because nothing they eat is green.  (OR wet.)  Then another one of them decided the litter box (freshly changed just a day or two ago) was too dirty for his pristine bottom, so he peed on my shower mat.  Or maybe he was just pissed because I waited until 7:30 to feed him this morning.  Fatty (as you can see here) is 15 pounds, and it is an absolute berserk-a-thon at breakfast and dinner time.  Even though they're 7 and 7.  The same.  Exact. Time.  Every. DAY.

So I am slammed beyond belief right now, but I wanted to give a couple quick updates on some things. I promised an update on Tour de MOM and the 60-Day Diet Challenge, for one. For another, it’s Ash Wednesday, which means it’s time for my annual giving-up-of-Facebook for Lent. 

As you know, I’ve done two bike races now to prepare myself for both tri season, future bike racing, and the Tour de Mom.  I’ve been going on weekly bike rides with my cycling friends, generally just having a blast.  I have also been trying to focus more on my carbs, and between that and the endocrinologist updating my synthroid, I’ve lost the 3 holiday pounds I’ve gained. 

Really, for me, the whole weight-loss game is all about momentum and consistency – as long as I’m moving and eating within reason – provided my synthroid isn’t out of whack – the pounds usually come off, because that activity or healthy meal sparks another and another.  And I really don’t play mind games with myself about it anymore.  As long as I’m healthy, I don’t sweat the pounds.  I mean, I won't just go eat chili cheese fries every day and expect the workouts to take care of it, but I'm not even caring about getting close to my "ideal" weight, which is ridiculous (topic for another day).

I don’t know whether you’re Catholic, or if you’re like me and you grew up with some really traditional Protestant people (think Episcopalian/Lutheran), but I love traditions. So, since FB takes up a lot of my time, and since time's at a premium for me right now, I decided to take it off again for Lent this year.

I am sure you're going to read some interesting stuff about this year's hiatus, since this year most everyone I know communicates almost exclusively via FB and I am effectively cutting myself off from most of my training buddies (among other issues).  I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, that's all I have time for.  HAPPY HUMP DAY!

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