Jingle All the Way

As politically incorrect as some may consider it, I always love the sound of the words Merry Christmas.  I'm sure this is partly because I was raised celebrating Christmas, but it's also because I love the word merryMerry is so much fun to say; it's cheerier than happy, spunkier than  cheerful and lighter than joyous.
It's been a little tough to be merry so far this Christmas.  I have had a heavy heart, a heavy schedule, and a light wallet.

Saturday was the New Hope for Kids Holiday Ride, and a bunch of us got together and decorated our bikes.  There were lights, tiny trees, musical stuffed Santas, garland - you name it!  The ride took us about 9 miles through some local neighborhoods, stopping a little past halfway for cookies and drinks.  The best part?  The $10 ticket went to the foundation, which helps ill children and grieving children deal with their loss or their illness.
Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.  My birthday starts it, and the Super Bowl ends it, but the holidays are so merry and festive, filled with decorating and tasty delights and friends and family.  When my parents, who are my best friends, move out of state, a lot of my traditions changed: we used to go see Christmas lights, and do a "friends" party Christmas Eve and a "family" event Christmas Day.  We really take for granted how nice it is to have our loved ones nearby until they're gone. 
I've only been away from my parents one Christmas in my entire life.  So this will be my second.    And it makes me very sad.  I wasn't really looking forward to Christmas this year the way I usually do.

Riding through the neighborhoods with friends old and new, taking in the Christmas lights, laughing and singing, and yelling Merry Christmas as we rode along, made me feel like, not only did I help out the kids by contributing to the ride, they also helped me.

Maybe it will be a Merry one after all.

Whatever you celebrate, enjoy.

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