Excuse Me, Cap'n ToughNuts . . . You Seem to Have Misplaced Something

This is the conversation I imagined myself having today while riding 53 miles of hills . . .

Excuse me, Cap'n ToughNuts?
Yeah, that's me.
You seem to have misplaced something.
I have?
Yes, this looks like it might belong to you.  Did you leave this behind some time this week?

Hmm . . . that doesn't seem possible.
Why's that?
Well, that looks like my HTFU. 
Well, that can't be possible.  You never leave home without it.
Exactly what I said.   

I'll be damned if I didn't leave my HTFU behind for just about every workout this week.  Wednesday's 32-mile ride and today's almost 53-mile ride were bruuuuuutal.   I need to really work on my nutrition and rest strategy for the week.  I like to refer to what I did on both rides as "The Mother of All Bonks."

Sounds dirty.

As a smart lady says, there are lots of good days in training, and there are lots of bad days.

Hmmmm, sounds like life.

I think I better pull up my big girl panties and pack an extra HTFU.  You know, just in case I ever leave mine behind.

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Alili said...

Ah yes, my HTFU melted in the heat last week...I refuse to use the same excuse 2 weeks in a row. Nice riding lately!