What would YOU pay to see me do something crazy?!!?

Whenever faced with the chance to see something totally ridiculous, everyone always says, "I'd pay to see that."

Well, now you CAN, and you can help fight cancer, too.

Now that I have your attention.

The nice thing about taper week is you can miss a few workouts and it doesn't matter because you're supposed to taper anyway.

Today instead of doing any of my runs I totally wussed out because it was raining a little ran errands.

I am still REALLY, and I mean SERIOUSLY, stiff and sore . . . so the rest can't be bad.

And then I also did something else.  I am only $200 from my goal with the American Cancer Society for the Rock and Roll Mardi Gras Marathon on February 13. And I'm only $400 from my personal goal!  So, I am offering to do something INSANE for donations.

My schtick is that all contributors vote - but the biggest donation wins.

Here's what's up for grabs:
  1. Some of you would like to see me as a brunette or redhead. SO you (if you're the biggest donor) can choose what color I dye my hair. I will run the marathon with a new haircolor for this person. The only stipulation is that if it is an unnatural color like blue, green, purple, etc. It has to be able to wash out to a work-appropriate color by my return to work. Otherwise, no color is off limits.
  2. The biggest donor can also take me out in public wearing a ridiculous Teddy bear costume. Either way, you get to take me anywhere (the store,the bar,the bank,grandma's) and take as many pictures of me as you want and plaster them on Facebook, Twitter, wherever. This one is particularly fitting as we knew Uncle Bill as a big Teddy bear.
  3. Finally, I will go out with you in a very public nightlife setting wearing full Marathon regalia, inclusive of race numbers from all my races in 2010, and will be your personal beer wench. As an added bonus, I will be required to run everywhere that evening - even to fetch drinks.

If you'd like to see me do one of these, even if you're not local and you'd just like to see the pictures,follow the link to donate!

Thanks to everyone who has already participated! I'll announce the winner in a future email. :-)

Training for a marathon is nowhere near as tough as battling cancer.

To Donate and Follow My Training for New Orleans, Please Visit My ACS Webpage: http://megganann.blogspot.com/
For More Information on Cancer Research and Prevention: http://www.cancer.org/
For More Information on Mary Kay visit http://www.marykay.com/megganann

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