. . . .What time is it?

TAPER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I finished the last long run of my plan.  This plan was totally different than my past few plans - those plans usually focused on training me to cover the distance, while this plan trained me to be faster and more efficient.  That being said, it was EXTREMELY weird that my two longest runs of the plan were 3 hours.  The most ground I covered during either was 14-15 miles.  Compare that to the 17-20 mile long runs of my last few plans.

It was hard for me to get used to this plan, and I have to admit that I was doubting myself for a LOT of the plan.  How can I cover 26.2 miles when I'm only going 14-15? I kept thinking.  Nonetheless, the coaches were convinced I could, so I rolled with it.  Dills made a good point: racing hurts, so regardless of how long I go on race day compared to when I trained . . . it's going to hurt.

Then, yesterday, when I started building my plan for FL Half Ironman 2011, I accidentally re-tooled the last part of my training plan for the marathon when I inserted the first part of the 70.3 training.  In doing so, some of my planned runs were reduced or deleted.  I had selected "moderate" training versus "difficult" because there is no way I'll have time to train aggressively at THREE sports, whereas with just running it was pretty much let 'er rip.  This left me with the realization that, despite the absence of 17-20 mile runs . . .

This plan has been really freaking aggressive.

I'm really excited to realize that.  I have absolutely NO WAY to predict pace, because my training runs have been so different, but think I'm going to PR.

And NOW. . . time to TAPER!

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Molly said...

Woohoooo taper!!!!!!!!