Continuity Training

Just a quick update, as the past few weeks have been very crazy. I've stocked my fridge with lots of goodies like veggies and low-fat snacks to kick off a stricter diet in the event that the thyroidectomey causes weight gain.

I can remove myself from FL Half Ironman by April 1 and get $75 of my almost-$300 fee back. I'll make that decision based on how I feel after surgery and whether I need radiation.

On that note, I've been pretty tired but I'm pushing through it. I see the surgeon on 2.16 to schedule my thyroidectomy. Since we last talked, here's where my training's gone.
  • Succesfully returned to training
  • Successfully integrated weight/strength training back into my week
  • Work out no fewer than 3 times per week for no less than 1 hour per session
The last week I wrote an entry, I did 2, 1-hour yoga sessions, 2, approximately 2-mile runs, 1, one-hour spin class and a 1000yrd swim.

The following week I did two weight sessions (one for one hour, one for 30 minutes) and 2 short bike rides.

This week I've done a one-hour weight session, a short bike ride, 1 2,55-mile run, and a 1500-yd swim.

Increase bike and run distances.
Further examine diet.

That's what I have now.

Interestingly, since I have been testing my blood glucose regularly, returning to eating more whole foods and less dining out, and working out more . . . . my weight is still at an all-time high. I had thought I lost five pounds, but it came back.

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