All Spin Instructors Are NOT Created Equal

This post is dedicated to my two favorite spin instructors, who probably know who they are - the Head Coach of the Tri Club, and a certain West Coast Brit.

This is NOT the Y

I did an hour spin class last night and a short stint on the tread this morning.

I hate to keep repeating myself, but this is NOT the Y.

During spin last night, it became patently obvious that Y members and LA Fitness members are a totally different animal (maybe even species.) I lasted the whole class (as if there was any doubt), and was quite proud to see that, despite getting my ass kind of kicked, "30 %" and "70%" were actually one-third and three-quarters turns of the tension knob (unlike some of the people around me).

Ok, enough being petty and/or gloat-y. . . . on with the observations that may/may not be gross overgeneralizations. The best way I can describe the difference to you is this: Y members are serious and LA Fitness members are not. The funniest part about this? LAF members think they're serious, while Y members are more low-key.

For example, outfits at the Y are not as tight, makeup is not as flashy, and the place is frequently overrun with kids. Conversely, there are more sterotypical Gym Bunnies at LAF, complete with heavy eye makup and Bebe track suits/sports bras. Not a kid in sight at any of the locations or any times I've attended. But, amazingly enough, the Y members I know (and I know dozens), are all, in general, more fit, effortlesssly attractive people. (Think: no heavy black eyeliner needed.) They possess more quiet confidence/cockiness than flash/wannabe glamour, and they're almost all excellent athletes.

The vibe and instructors in group excersize are also completely different.

**Disclaimer: not trying to offend anyone here . . . just voicing my opinion. I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be**

The difference I noticed at spin may be coincidental, and I'm sure it has more to do with individual instructor style, but the stark contrast cannot go unremarked. A typical spin class at all 3 of the YMCAs I've visited were likely to be attended by 5 or more triathletes wearing either race t-shirts, spin/tri shorts, and calm smiles. I was the keener dork of the class last night in my spin shorts and race tee. The Y instructors usually have awesome form on the bike, walk around some during class, talk to everyone, adjust your gears for you if they know you well enough, etc. Nothing against last night's instructor - she was cool - but she sat on the bike the entire time and was focused more on how much effort she could crank out than her form. She didn't walk around until the end of the class and she didn't offer any helpful instruction.

Sigh. I'm so spoiled. I keep having to remind myself that this is all for the good of my budget . . . . And now I sound like a pompous ass for acring/noticing . . .

The Fourth Discipline
Unsurprisingly, my efforts to improve my life overall post-diagnosis have extneded to diet. I'm supposed to eat more protein than carbs, especially because I'm insulin resistant. I'm trying to make an effort to do this more frequently.

Crap I Want to Do Before I (Well, You Know)
Thyroid cancer is SUPER treatable, but anything involving cancer makes you consider your mortality. So, finally, I've decided I need to get off my ass and go sailing and to Europe some time soon. I've always wanted to, and I don't see any time like the present.

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