I'd rather be lucky than good, and I'd rather be stupid than sick

Yesterday morning I went to yoga and a nutrition clinic. (I'm off to the store shortly to get some of the things I really SHOULD be eating. FYI, I already knew that Red Bull is the devil. I hate it an only drink it when it's mixed with excessive amounts of Jagermeister. But I didn't realize that cheese is right behind it. It makes sense, though - most cheese is processed to within an inch of its life - but I href="http://cfltriclub.com/">My coach was taking orders and chit chatting with us, and I hadn't seen him one-on-one in a while.

Now, what is important to understand about Hector is that he is, quite possibly, one of the world's most amazing people. He's beautiful, hilarious and brutally, BRUTALLY honest. He took one look at me and said, "You look GOOD!!"

That will brighten your day, right?

Then I tell him about losing the baby weight, plus 10 pounds (for a total of 17), and he's super excited for me. Of course, I promptly tell him I need a large bottom and an XL top - and, without missing a beat, he looks at me and says, "You are NOT an extra large."

The only thing better than being told you look good by a triathlon coach, is being read the riot act for thinking you're bigger than you are. I know a lot of my weight loss has been luck more than hard work, especially with all the workouts I've missed. But I would rather be lucky than good. And, if I can be both, that's just an added bonus.

So, this morning I had a club ride at 7. I even got home before midnight and only woke up once during the night. Then I smacked snooze on my first alarm at 5:00 . . .and didn't wake up until 7.

I started to panic. This is the second week in a row I've missed a workout because of sleep. I have been off the Provigil for a while, and I seem to be getting up nice and early most mornings - this week I went early to work twice and got up at 4 for both a swim and a club workout. So, why do I all of a sudden have a hard time getting up on the weekends? I've been doing so good. Am I doomed? Will I never be able to wake up for early training sessions and races? What if I miss a really big race?

I picked up my second alarm (on my cell phone) and nearly threw it across the room in frustration. Smacking snooze and accidentally turning off one alarm in my sleep is not bad - a lot of people do that, even if thye don't have sleep problems. But sleeping through TWO alarms is just ridiculous. I started flipping through the phone aggressively.

And that's when I realized that the reason my second alarm didn't wake me this week, and for the Disney Half, is because the alarm is set for MONDAY through FRIDAY.

I didn't sleep through it. It didn't go OFF.

So I missed the bike ride, but I was ecstatic. I'm not getting sick again - my sleep is not as bad as I thought - and I'm not doomed. I'm just stupid.

I'd rather be stupid than sick.

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