Postcards from the Road, days 5 and 6

Here I am at home. What a fiasco THAT turned out to be. I didn't get in a run because there wasn't enough time to get ready and run. Then I discovered, when trying to get a drink in-flight, that I had lost my debit card between my gate and my seat. Better than that, I had opted not to get cash in Chattanooga because I knew I could get cash in Orlando.

So I arrived in Orlando 45 minutes behind (thanks to the airline) and sans cash or credit (thanks to my own dumb ass.) I couldn't think of anyone I could call to come get me until I could get cash to get my car out the next day.

I had to grab a cab to the bank to get cash, where I found out I didn't have as much as I thought I had, and then back to the airport to get my car. 9 hours and $60 I didn't have later, I arrived safely back at my car.

And got stuck at the airport gate because I was using cash and they wanted cards. Someone eventually came, but by the time I got everything together, got myself some leftovers and libations, and picked up my dawg, it was after 7pm.


The good thing is, I did get a chance to pick up the pup a day earlier than planned. Kona is now lying beside his broke mommy, happy and exhausted. His mommy? Also happy and exhausted.

Christmas was . . . interesting. Santa was VERY good to me. I didn't get any athletic or pampering gifts, but I got a ton of funky jewelry and about 5 blank books. My family may not know me completely, but they know me well enough to know I love costume jewelry and writing. And, the truth is, writing (the pen and paper version, not the electronic version) is exceptionally cathartic and satisfying to me. It's always helped me immensely, and I need to get back to it.

As I mentioned, my family drove me bananas. (Especially since I had to handle them sober - LOL!) But I was so glad to see them that I ended up having a fabulous time. As I listened to my aunts chatter, I realized what I don't like about my mom's side of the family - they're loud, pushy, weird, nerdy, unstylish and not the best-educated group. ("Eye-talian" is how they pronounce "Italian," they say things like "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer - and they did away with the middle class altogether," (whoever "they" are). They say "like" a lot because they still think it's cool, and they don't dress well.) But I also realized what I like about my mom's side of the family: all of them are outgoing, passionate, gregarious. Bonus? They're true survivors, capable of conquering great adversity and still coming away with a smile.

There's something relaxing about being at mom's. Lack of responsibilities, different lifestyle, no pets to tend, time to lie in bed and write,etc. I get home and instantly feel my schedule and duties drain me. Needless to say, I am pooped. I haven't brought in my bags or cleaned up, but I'll tackle that this weekend.

This weekend starts . . . . NOW.

Disney Half Marathon . . . 3 weeks away.
Melbourne Marathon . . . 6 weeks away.
This week? 2 of 4 runs complete. 13 and 8 left - tomorrow I'm running with a pal.

And now, to veg. Hope it was Merry for you.

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Wes said...

I am so glad that you overcame all that BS :-) Of course, not having a choice is REALLY motivating. You can use that same type of persistence when you do have choices.

That whole writing thing explains a lot :-) Have some great runs! Dedicate a mile or two to me, will ya?