Home again, home again . . . jiggity jog

Jog? Did she say jog?

She sure did.

This week ended up better than I imagined. Despite the parking lot/no debit card fiasco and oodles of post-Christmas store runs to make this weekend, despite not getting much sleep last night and not making a 3-hour run today, I am feeling really positive. Between today and yesterday, for example, I went to a party, did a mid-distance run, got a car charger for my new phone, washed both the dog and the car, sanitized the main litter box, made donations to Goodwill, got everything returned that needed to be and got a few things for the house, got tidied up downstairs and got a start on putting away the stuff from my trip.

I know, I know - I'm not supposed to define myself by my to-do list or weight.

Even though the last 7 days have been filled with crappy eating, I made it to a WW meeting only having gained .4 (that will be worse this Monday, I'm sure - but I'm going to pretend I'm Scarlett O'Hara and think about that tomorrow). I managed two, 5-mile runs at 1500 feet elevation. (I realized during yesterday's 8-miler that my calibration on my Polar SD is a little light, so when I'm going 4.8 I'm really going about 4.9. Wheee!) Anyway, the total mileage for this, my first complete week running since before the half marathon - 18+ miles. Not bad. I discovered that altitude suits me, as I maintain a much lower heart rate and RPE at a higher altitude than at/below sea level. The heat also absolutely saps me. And my schedule? just what I wanted - two half marathons and two 20-milers scheduled before the marathon.


I met this guy on one of the dating websites. (Some of my friends talked me into signing up.) We'll call him Paul. I don't feel like disclosing the story right now, though I'm sure I eventually will, but Paul ended up being a douchebag. So I kind of went back to my original position on the topic of dating: not the right time for me just yet. I don't have the emotional energy to spend. I'm not saying I was ever one of those girls who constantly thought she NEEDED a boyfriend/guy to date, because I love being alone, but I am definitely way more independent and into being by myself than I ever was. Frankly, I think a lot of people get into relationships because they think it's something they have to have, like shoes or a watch. When in reality they should be selected with care and pursued only if they're absolutely worth it - like expensive designer handbags. One of Tony's problems was that he was sure he needed a relationship. And I sort of let him con me into agreeing, even though I didn't buy it.

Anyway, I am quite happy not to be dating anyone right now.

This week I was supposed to see the endo, but I had 3 or 4 appointments - at $25-50 a whack, I can't afford them all and am going to have to move them to next week, after I get paid again. That's just how it goes. The good thing is, this gives me time to finally get the bloodwork I hadn't had a chance to get before my endo visit.

I have a lot of paperwork to tackle next week. I'm not looking forward to it, but you do what you have to do.

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