Merry Chrismahannaramakwanzaakah

Merry Christmas. Whatever holiday you celebrate, enjoy it.

I'm sitting here trying not to let my family drive me crazy with their various quirks, belief systems and smoking. (How can the family who raised me be so completely different than me? I'm realizing this week that I want to be unlike them as much as (or more than) I want to be like them.) But they're my family, so I put up with it.

Besides, it's Christmas.

Haven't said much about the training. A little less than 5mi Monday, zone 1. Today was supposed to be an 8-mi pace run (8-9 minute run, 1 minute walk. My marathon pacing strategy will be Galloway-esque because I don't want to peter out at mile 20 like I did last year thanks to my lack of training). We stopped again for neighbors and to pet the donkeys, so I gave up at a little over 5 miles. The hill repeats kind wore me out. 1500 square feet is not much for most people, but it's 1200 square feet more than I'm used to.

(This is a Jesus donkey - most of the neighbors' donks are Jesus donks.)

Tomorrow? I will try to do my 8-miler, but family comes at 10, and I sleep till around 7 or 8. We'll see what happends - I can always rest tomorrow and do my 8 on Friday, cross-train Saturday and do the 13-miler on Sunday. (Realized I was on a stepback week.)

In other news, I will be doing the Disney Half Marathon in a friend's place in January as my second 13.1 on the way to the 26.2! YEEEE!


Have a wonderful Christmas!

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