Postcards from the Road, Day 2

I've been a very busy little mobile-phone user. I dctched my Blackberry as soon as it was time for a new free phone from Verizon, so I can save a huge chunk of cash on my phone bills. I hate the fact that the phone has no phone book capability and the calendar is limited, but it's uber-tiny, plays tunes AND has a camera!

This morning I woke up, got myself some coffee and hopped in the shower. Got to try to follow my schedule, so today is a rest day.
We went "down the moutain" to get some groceries and have some lunch. This bull statue was discovered, and my mom had to try to climb aboard. You can clearly see how I'm part of this family.

After lunch, a little shopping where I scored a few budget-worthy bargains on a smaller pair of jeans (until I can get back into my 8s permanently, I'm hovering around a 10 and out of clothing since my fat clothes were 12s and the 8s in my closet are only taunting me at this point.
That's about it for day two.

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