Postcards from the Road, Day 1: I Still Don't Have My Medal

I arrived at the Sanford Orlando Airport yesterday a good half-hour ahead of schedule. My flight was leaving at 1:35, but I was at the airport at about 11. This was because it took me no time to drop Kona off at Pet Paradise and I had to drive around to kill time so I wouldn't be sitting at the airport for aeons. (Had I remembered my teeninsy little airport has a bar, I would have probably gone straight there.) (I kid.) (Just a little.) Anyway, even driving around for about 30-45 minutes didn't kill enough time to get me to the airport the standard 2 hours prior to my flight (didn't have time for a pedi, or last-minute shopping, and probably don't have the money, either).
So, I did what any good, well-prepared, seasoned traveler would do when arriving for one's flight an hour ahead of schedule: I found to nearest place to suck down a drink and watch sports. This happened to be the bar I forgot the little airport had. Then I checked in, wentwent through security, got into the terminal and had something to eat and a drink, and dutifully headed to my gate.

Except for one thing.

This has been a rough winter all over the country, and I seemed to forget it might affect me. No sooner had I sat down at gate 12 than announcements began to ring across the airport about delayed flights. Kalamzoo, Des Moines, and yes - even Chattanooga. Apparently, our plane was an hour or so behind because of weather in New York, where it was coming from. So I ended up back at the bar watching more football and having another drink. I usually have a pre-flight or in-flight drink and then nap the first part of my flight. I usually don't have 3. I was darn ready to get on that plane by the time we boarded.
By about 4pm, I was on the way to Mom and Dad's . . . and I slept from about 10am their time till about 9am my time.
I haven't sleept til 9am without being sick in about a year. Since - I don't know, maybe the last time I was here?
Merry Christmas/Happy Whatever. I'm enjoying my low-pay week. Running tomorrow. Free altitude training. By the way, they never sent me my finisher's medal for the Half Marathon. YEE!

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Wes said...

That's what I call traveling in style! Happy holidays!! and way to catch up on your sleep!! Yum!