Marathon Training, Week 11 or 12: Oops I missed a week? Huh?

I think I'm on week 11. I'm not sure? I ran on Saturday, 5.33 mi, super-slow. First run in a while. UTI is still hanging on a little. I'm now down 13 pounds, almost 14.

I found out today that I do, indeed, have a thyroid nodule - actually, a cluster of about 3. This could mean nothing. I may just have what they called "a goiter" in the old days. It could also mean that there's something serious, or it could mean that I have thyroid disease and need to be on mediciation. Thyroid disease is easy to treat and can cause nearly all of the symptoms I have. There are so many little parts of my day (fatigue, weight woes, depression, mysterious malaise, poor immune system, muscle weakness) that haven't been fully explained or treated by my other diagnoses.

But the interesting part of all this? If the nodules do indicate thyroid disease, they're more likely to come with hyperthyroidism, which usually causes weight loss and is treated with medicine to reduce the amount of thyroid hormone produced. Which could slow my weight loss. HA!!!

We'll see what happens on December 31.

Until then . . . I'm off to WW and then to try to get back into it full-swing.

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

Great job on the weight loss! While not great news, at least you have something to work with now. Answers do help, no?


RBR said...

You are getting so close!! So exciting!

You have lost 14 pounds! That is awesome. If you are looking I have found some of them! Damn Christmas cookies! LOL!

~Tara~ said...

So're are me?! heh, I hope they actually do something to help you, which mayb ein turn can convine them to do something about me. Good luck and keep me updated on any progress with the doctors. Hope it goes well otherwise I can burn down their office along with my Endo's.
We've all the the flu here (at different times of course) for the last 2 weeks.