PCFTR, Day 3: Little River Canyon

I've watched a lot of TV/movies in the past few days, which isn't like me. But, somehow, I still managed to get through 4 or 5 of my 15 unread
magazines. YAHOO!!!

Yesterday, I had a hugundous beakfast and then ran 4.88 mi with mom (it was supposed to be 5, but every time I got going, some of her neighbors came by to visit, so I just gave up!)

Then I went to WW, where I discovered that, despite pigging out for the holidays, I've only gained .4 (yes, that's 4/10) of a pound - which still leaves me with a loss of 12.6. (About 1 pound heavier than I weigh at home without all the extra weight from clothing and eating and drinking all day.)

There is lots of water in the Canyon this year. Last year, the area was suffering from a severe drought. I think my hopes for snow are pretty much dashed since it's been getting a little warmer each day. 28 Monday, 40 yesterday, and supposedly in the 50s (if not 60s) today. *Le sigh.*

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