Marathon Training, Week 13: Prediction - This Will be Another Light Week!

So, tomorrow is officially the last day of 2008.

18mi of running last week . . . up 1.2lbs total. Everyone keeps telling me that a 1.2-pound gain over the holidays is good. I'm not happy with it, but I expected to gain a little bit thanks to eat-a-palooza.

Action central over here. Tonight is my first night in a few nights to rest.

This week's schedule is about 45 miles - since last week I made 18/31, I'm betting this week I'll make about 30. Let's be honest - there is a lot of partying to do this week. There will be a lot of running around. It is, after all, the last few days of 2008, and the holiday season is not quite over.


2008 has been the most challenging year of my life. I'm so completely looking forward to getting started on a new year! Since I really don't do resolutions, here are some of my goals for the year . . .
  1. More consistent training (always a goal)
  2. More writing and introspection in general
  3. Get a handle on the thyroid crap
  4. Sign up for FL IM 70.3/finish my 2nd marathon
  5. Make some new friends
  6. Work towards a promotion at work (not just lateral)
  7. Dammit, go sailing. This has been on my list for almost 4 years.
  8. Stop dating jackasses.

On the note of jackassses . . . I've tried to avoid letting this blog turn into Sex and the City, but wow. Escapades in dating have really been entertaining lately. There's the douche from the internet (who keeps begging me for a threesome - WTF????) There are three guys I was introduced to that have stalked me for 3 months and a year each, respectively, waiting for me to decide they were the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread. There are a lot more details I refuse to go into. Why? Because, right now, Boys are a Complication I Don't Need.

And the more I feel that way, the more jerks, jackasses, and weirdos I meet. Which leaves me wondering . . .

When did I turn into That Girl?

I was always The Girl You Wanted to Take Home to Your Parents. Now, all of a sudden, I'm The Girl Who Gets Propositioned by Weirdos Every Week.

Youch. Get me outta here!

2009, here I come!

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Wes said...

You are a beautiful woman. No jackasses for you! You hear me!! Besides, I AM THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!! That title is already taken :-)

Happy New Year, MAJ! I know 2009 is going to be good to you!

RBR said...

Happy New Year!! Here's to a happy, healthy, and FUN-TASTIC 2009!

I agree with Wes, no more weirdos, and jackasses. My life improved significantly when I stopped dating them ;o)

Tea said...

2009....THE year of the MAJ....kinda like the chinese year of the monkey or something, huh?