I Blame Obama

I blame Obama.

Yeah, I said it.

You know someone else will, so I thought I'd be first.

But I'm not blaming him for anything political or racial or financial or even logical. I'm blaming him for my staying up late and only getting 6.5 hours of sleep Tuesday night while I waited to hear his killer acceptance (and McCain's gracious concession) speech. Because of that, my 7 hours of sleep on Monday night actually meant something (something bad), and that's what caused a bad attack of the dizzies yesterday.

I know this because last night I went home . . . ate . . . took something for my head . . . walked Kona . . . read a little and went to bed(we walk close to a mile a day, every day, and 2 or more on some). I got about 10 hours of sleep and woke up feeling tired . . . but normal. Not dizzy or wiped-out, but clear-headed and drowsy.

I wonder if this is how "normal" people feel every day?

Well, I have 3 more runs for the week: the 10k on Sunday, an 11-mile LSD and a 3-mile easy run - and 4 days in which to do it.

I can get down with that.

I've got a lot more serious shit to share since it's Therapy Thursday (ahh! alliteration is amazing!) but I have to run.

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Wes said...

We'll have plenty of stuff to blame on Obama soon :-)