I AM FL 70.3 BIB #1489......

Blah, blah, slack, sleep - have you any bull?
Yes sir, yes sir - three days full!

  • Monday: scheduled rest. Took it.
  • Tuesday: 40-60 minute ride with a 20 minute BT run. Turned into a 45-minute ride with a 10-15 minute run.
  • Wednesday: BT run not done last night with a 3400yd swim. Turned into me falling asleep when I got home.
  • Thursday: Bike and run. Turned into me working late, not getting home till 8pm, eating and . . . come on . . . guess it . . . guess it . . . falling asleep immediately thereafter.
  • Friday: Swimmie swim swim: 3000 yds or so, plus one of the workouts I missed yesterday.
  • Saturday: 56-60 mile ride on the race course OR 13.1-mile run on the race course plus whatever workout I missed Thursday or Friday
  • Sunday: 56-60 mile ride on the race course OR 13.1-mile run on the race course plus whatever workout I missed Thursday or Friday

I feel like ass right now. Not good ass - BAD ass. And not the kind of badass that Tea was referring to when she sent me this.

I looked back over my training and race reports from the last few years, and it occured to me that I've been undertrained for nearly every race I've entered. And you know the primary reason? I've been too sick to train as much as I should have.

Maybe the haters are right. Maybe I do use my health as a crutch. Or maybe I just want to race SO bad that I mentally overcome my physical limiters come race day.

In the mean time, some of my mumb-jumbo hocus-pocus hoodoo-voodoo race omens: the movie based on the comic book character Ironman is out, and I got my bib number for FL 70.3. It's 1489. I feel really good about it - almost feel like I've had this bib # before. Isn't that creepy? I also have this bizarre, stalker-ish desire to find Meggan Kantz and meet her. I mean, if she can finish an Ironman under the cutoff with a broken arm, I can certainly finish a 70.3 under the cutoff with some heart problems and fat, right?

This day won't end. I could pass out right here. My focus is non-existant. I'm afraid I won't make my workout tonight. Of course, I thought that on Tuesday, too, and I managed a little brick. Hey . . . .does getting my bib number for the race count as a workout??

3 tidbits of wizdom:

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

Okay, peach.

Tomorrow, your ass is on the bicycle.


And if your brain starts talking you out of it for whatever reason, you say this...

..."Brain, I get what your saying. I really do. But Able is going to KICK MY ASS if I don't get on the bike today. So time to stick it in your pie hole, cause I'm going for a ride."

And then get on your bike and remove the unknown. Ride that course -- get your head on straight while you're out there and VISUALIZE A POWERFUL RACE.

It's go time, babe.

Go. Time.

Tea said...

WTF? I just had the best post EVER and blogger barfs it out?

Ok the gist of it was:
*If my ass has to suffer a century tomorrow, you'd better be on there too. Too bad I don't have a webcam...wouldn't that be fun?

*I totally dare you to put that postcard on Hal's site.

Tea said...

and if you do put it on Hal's site....I'll buy you a bottle of wine in CA.