So, Which Half is Iron?

Friday night was almost as rough as the rest of the week. I still don't think my medicine or my routine or diagnosis are right. I was absolutely cooked - I mean, too tired to move. I almost couldn't drive myself home. It was getting too late to do anything - nothing in my schedule seemed to be working out and my body was not working AT ALL. I started to wonder (for the umpteenth time) what the hell has happened to me for the past few years and why the doctors think this quality of life is acceptable for a 28-year-old.

Then the Negative Voices started in again. Maybe the haters are right., they taunted me. Maybe you can't finish a Half Ironman. You're slow and fat and lazy.

And do you know I started to believe it???? The more I thought about it, the more depressed I got. So, after several minutes of this, the voice goes, Maybe you need some professional help.

Then I heard another little voice. It was verrry tiny. But it was mumbling something repeatedly to me. It sounded something like no vacancy.

'Scuse me?


But I'm neither behaving nor an athlete.

The hell you say?

The voice was starting to sound an awful lot

Like ME. (Ok, so there was some Tea and Able thrown in there, too, with a pinch of Dawn and my mom.)

In any case, I listened.

Shoes-puppy-leash-20 minute breakthrough run, interrupted only by the puppy pooping out (he made it a half mile!!)...and then back out to finish before it got pitch black....the next thing you know I'm swimming Lucky's lake at 7:45am, and the next thing you know I'm riding the race course around noon, and the next thing you know I've swam an OW kilometer and ridden almost 50 miles on the course. More about that later.

So, for today....somewhere between 10 and 15 miles, ran on the run course, or as close as I can get. More about that later.

By the way....I've figured out which half is iron.

MY half.

5 tidbits of wizdom:

Joy | Love | Chaos said...


Now THAT'S the gal I've come to know.

YOU are an athlete. Period.

YOU are going to make this half. Period.


Duane said...

Go girl! You inspire me!

Tea said...

"This behavior is unbecoming of an athlete."


btw-are you really under 60 inches? You look alot taller in your pictures.

Alili said...

Yes! Rock that course:)

Tea said...

hmmm, I hope that you are just really.really.really. busy. Yes, that's it. MAJ is just very busy right now.