Today, I suffer from that most noble and attractive of all triathlon injuries . . .

. . . . the lost toenail.

My left Big Toe is gimpin'. Majorly. Worst part about it is that I didn't see it until I put on open-toed shoes this morning. Just peep-toes, but still. Imagine already running 15 minutes late, looking down and thinking, Gosh, my toenail polish is totally f'ed. And I just got a pedi like 2 weeks ago. What the hell? Then, imagine sliding your foot back out of the pump, only to realize there IS no toenail left on that toe. At least not all of it, anwyay. And then you have to paint part of your toe, which is one of the most ridiculous things in the whole world, but all your other toenails are painted, and besides, how else are you supposed to make it look like there's a nail the whole way?

This is Florida, for God's sake!!! We wear open-toed shoes 10 months out of the year and sneak in our peep-toes for at least one of the other two!

Occupational hazard, I guess. 'Specially when you like to go sockless in your cycling shoes and your weekly runs are almost never less than an hour each and fins rub your toes when you're swimming thousands of yards.

I know, I know. I'm now super-extra hot. It's just so sexy I can barely stand it.

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