3000yds=2743.2m=2.7432km=1.704542045 mi

And the award for greatest improvement in one sport goes to . . .

My swim.

My bike's picked up. I still suck at hills, but my RPM's and speed are higher. My run has actually suffered. But my swim is really getting there.

I swam tonight.
It’s not rocket science.
It’s barely even math.

3000yds. Over 2700km. Just under 2 miles. The longest I've ever swam in one workout. In under an hour and a half. It used to take me 45 minutes to go 1000m; 90 to go 2000. Now it takes me under 90 minutes to go 2700.

I could have kept going. But, as I realized, it takes a long time between the time it gets dark and the time the Y's pool lights actually come on - something I didn't realize when I was swimming under 2000yds.

And I set a new personal lap record for 100s. 2:36. Not speedy. Not breaking any rules or laws or records. But a lot faster than I used to go. For sure.

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