There are Good Race Photos . . . and There are Bad

And you know me. I'm shameless and shameful at once, so I'm going to show you both. These are the pictures Brightroom photo took of me at the Jax Marine Corps Half Marathon. 100% humidity meant it rained the whole way and we got stuck in the mud at the end.

First, of course, is the bad. Because it's just so freaking hilarious. I'm not doing my "arms up, tubby-finished-the-race" pose. You can tell by the look on my face that I was pretty much like, "Eff this. I can't run through this nonsense without falling dead on my face." So I didn't run. I slogged. What else does one do in mud that comes all the way almost up to one's ankles? And who knows what I was saying. "Holy crap this is some deep mud"? "Thank God I'm done"? Your guess is as good as mine. I know by posting it I'm inviting the Photoshoppers, but I really don't care.

That's in part because there was a good photo. In fact, it's probably my favorite race photo so far, or close to it. Now, mind you, the smile and the thumbs up are totally fake. At the point that this photo is being taken, the mystery chafe has long ensued, the crooked nipples are in full effect, I just realized there's NO way I'm going to PR because I thought I had .5 mile left and I have an entire mile, and my right arch is killing me. I've decided to walk part of the way, I want the photographer to die a horrible death for daring to snap a shot of me while I'm in this state, and I'm praying my husband is at the finish line with my flip flops and a giant electrolyte drink and my meds. It is also quite clear that, while supportive models are available, there is no such thing as a flattering sports bra for a large-breasted woman.

But, the smile doesn't look too fake, I don't look like a total fatass, and you can tell I was at least trying. And it's proof of one more race down. One more finish under my belt. 13.1 miles gone. In 100% humidity. At over 80 degrees. While I was sick as a dog. After barely training. I guess a finish was more than I could even ask for, let alone one within 5 minutes of my last half marathon time.

So, am I still doing Philly? Yup. Why not?

Now I have to finish work so I can go home and attempt a 10-mile run.

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Duane said...

That first one is funny! That mud looks bad!