Juggle Juggle Juggle Juggle CRASH

Welcome to the good life. I spend all my time cracking out at work trying to do 50 things, cracking out at home trying to do 50 things. Then the weekend comes, I think I can relax, and I spend the weekend cracking out trying to do 100 things.

Yeah, I overslept this morning. I still can't figure out the difference between snooze and off on my shpiffy new clock. I needed the sleep after last night's 10-miler, though. It took me 140 minutes (2hrs 20). Woo! It was rough. I'm not sore today, but I sure got pooped out last night. It was one of those runs where you wind up looking and feeling like "who did it and ran?" afterwards. We're talking sprinklers soaking you, getting covered in begger weeds, having both hat hair and hat headaches, and eating the wrong kind of gel (I can only handle salt pills and Vanilla Bean Gu. Don't know why. Anything else makes me wanna puke.) Thankfully I had my flashing beacon from Jax and a big, tough -looking dude with me, cause it was DARK toward the end of the run. I slept like a rock. It was nice to get the 10 under my belt.

Anyway, so today I go straight to class from work, so there will be no time for a run in between. Worst case scenario is I only get in 3 runs instead of 4 - if I have to drop my 4-miler, who cares? So my schedule will look more like this:
  • Thursday: 5-6 miles
  • Friday: 4 miles - or drop
  • Saturday: 15-20mi bike ride or 1k OW swim - or 7-8 miles if needed
  • Sunday: 20 miles (Galloway style - 5run/2walk for the first few miles. 10/2 thereafter. 5/2 after I start crashing. Come on, I know I'm going to crash. Let's get real.)

So tonight's my last night of class for the week, which means the excessive juggling ends. AND I REFUSE TO ATTEND ANY MORE FOOTBALL GAMES UNTIL PHILLY. They just suck up too much of my time.

Keep the plates spinning . . . keep the plates spinning . . .

My life is one big to-do list: this week I must get my divorce paperwork, get a flight and find a place in Philly. I will be alone in Philly. I found out a few days ago that my parents cannot attend as originally planned. This is going to be tres interesting.

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CCP said...

Great run! I'm glad to hear you'll still be doing Philly.