Passing 100 Miles and Mom Weighs In

Since April of this year, I have run 126 miles - that's only counting the days when I've run wearing my Nike+ kit for general pace/distance tracking (confirmed later by either my car GPS or my Gmap Pdomoter or Beginner's route tracker. That's not counting the runs I did without it. That is not counting the 10k I ran during the Oly, my 3-mile race, and my half marathon. That's not counting group training. So I've probably been about 200 miles.

That's not too freakin' bad.

My average pace on solo training runs with the Nike+ kit is 12 minute miles. That's rather embarassing, but considering what I've accomplished since then, and my 10.5 min/mile at my last 5k, I'm not complaining. No more runs this week, but I might to run a 5-mile race tomorrow just to keep me fresh. Oh, that means I also need to find my timing chip, which somehow disappeared after the Oly.

My mom is strongly urging me to scratch Philly. She thinks with school and work and social engagements I have too much going on. I'm starting to think she's right, but I'm so conflicted about the whole thing. I missed my Friday run and today's run. Maybe I won't do Philly. Maybe I'll follow IM Able's go locoal-go local strategy and do Goofy in January to kick off my training season in general.

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FunFitandHappy said...

Here's my method for filtering advice from my family and friends: Are they where I want to be in the particular area of life they're giving the advice?

If not, I probably don't give it too much credence....

While I'm certain Mom cares and has you're best interests at heart, if she's not an endurance athlete herself, she may not have the best insight when it comes to running Philly or not....Just something to think about.

You'll know whether you're ready or not

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

As for Philly? Where do you think you are with the training aspect? Are you feeling strong for it? Do you have concerns?

I suspect we're in a similar boat for different reasons. I've been lazy and you've had some health issues flare up. Regardless, we're both a little under trained for the marathon. Whatever. Seriously, whatever. So my question is...will you have fun? Will it be something you tow the line for and enjoy? If that's the case, then I say go for it. But if you're not sure about the answer, maybe it's not the right race.

And to be fair, this comes off a long convo with Michael this weekend about the pressure I put on myself surrounding athletics and how I'm having a hard time balancing the why's of my races. So I'm coming to this comment with bagage.

But, I always do, right? ;p

The Original MAJ said...

Have I told you guys lately how much I love you?!??!?

Tea said...

Well, I'm not one to ask....(ahem-marathon on 3 weeks of training).

BUT...since you did....I always ask myself "what's the harm if I do it?" If there's a nagging injury that won't go away, it's probably best to skip the race and get better.

('s a valid reason too).

But I've learned that even if I'm ho hum about it and end up doing the race, I usually end up being very happy that I did do it.

Hmmm....that's alot of babbling.