WEEK 9, DAY 1: Lots of yoga and hugs for a tri-friend

Life is boring when you're not really working out. Well, I'm working out, but I'm not really training. I'm doing tons of yoga. I did 4 classes last week plus a swim. My goal is to do 1-2 yoga classes this week, get a massage, at least one ride and a swim, and attempt 2-3 runs. Of course, this all depends on how my "trial run" tomorrow goes. By the way, I have officially lost 10 pounds. (Don't get too excited. I gained 25 when I got sick, so this doesn't mean I really lost anything, it just means I only gained 15.)

While I am stuck in the never-neverland of healing, which is populated with foam rollers, The Stick, massages, ice packs and limps, one of my great triathlon inspirations, Jayme Murray, tackled her first Ironman this weekend. I have yet to hear her full report on the race. I know she did not finish, but I also know she faced a lot of hardships and was sick for the swim as well as the first half of the bike. Jayme is one of the people I'm glad to have virtually met through the vast network of tri-bloggers. She reminds me of me . . . but better. She's a lot further in her training than I am, but her purpose and her dedication are so solid and her enjoyment of the experience is so clear that it is nearly impossible to read one of her blogs without being inspired. I hope one day we get to do a race together.

If you read this, Jayme, I am sending you a giant hug and looking forward to hearing your report.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Duane said...

Jayme is so nice! I was bummed when I read she didn't get to finish. SHe really inspires me!

Allez said...

You're going to town on the yoga classes!