WEEK 8, DAY 4/5: 10,000m down . . .and glutes

I swam my 10th crossing at Lucky's yesterday. When I get to 25 crossings, I get a cool swim cap. To celebrate my 10,000th meter in Lake Cane, I swam across the lake and back with a pull buoy. I was hoping it would help my hip abductors and adductors. Of course, my goggles (but mine are blue) filled up with water . . . again. The eye gaskets are just too big for my face. Even though Stadler wears them, they don't work for me. So I'll be sticking with my Speedo Vanquishers from now on, I guess. *Sigh*.
In any case, it was a pretty decent swim.

Later that day, I went for my deep-tissue work, which I'll do again next Thursday night. It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would, which made me relieved, but also quizzical, since I still can't really run on it. My NMT, Mike at Peak Performance Massage, confirmed that it is my IT band and glute muscle, which apparently attach to each other. Yep, sure enough, I am hurting right where this diagram is pointing. I went home, sat on an ice pack, was too tired to make myself dinner, and ended up eating a bag of organic popcorn. I fell alseep studying. (Big shock.)

Got some really good suggestions from TriFeist, whose first hunch was that I should train for my marathons like a triathlete. I hadn't thought about that, but it makes a lot of sense. As long as I keep a long run during the week, my training volume and general overall level of fitness will sustain me and I should be able to get my running distances back up pretty quickly without losing a lot of my triathlon fitness. I like it.
In the mean time, my plan was to substitute swimming and biking for runnning and just try to throw in runs whenever I feel good. Oh, and do as much yoga as possible!

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