I'm such a Pimp, I even run with a limp. Which means . . .

Pimp is a funny term. It's evolved a lot over the years. It used to be a man who manages hookers and maybe even slaps them around for money, but now it can also mean someone who's very bad-ass. Girls can be pimps, too. If you're a pimp, you might be super, super tough. You might have lots of cars, cash, girls (guys if you're a girl), a cool wardrobe, nice house, etc. A lot of people who take the term (too) seriously will even walk with what is affectionately known as a "pimp limp." I've decided that's what I have. A pimp limp. Much cooler than an injury.

Anyway. Today was a giant day for me. Huge.


For the first time since the Oly, I went out for a run on the 2-mile loop around my neighborhood. To be fair, I walked a LOT of it. Especially toward the end, when I had to cut the route just a little short. But I'm not terribly slow, because it took me less than 25 minutes. I didn't really time myself, but I'm figuring it took me about 22 minutes to do 1.7-1.8, is in the 12-minute/mile range. That's not speedy, but that means when I did run, I was running in the 9- to 10-minute/mile range. Which means what?

I haven't lost my speed.

And I didn't get winded. Which means what?

I haven't lost my aerobic fitness.

And I can still walk now despite my attempt at running earlier. Which means what?

I'm still a contender for Philly.

So where do I go with this? Nowhere. I stay right here. Where I am. Because that's where I'm supposed to be. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't have a plan. I'm going to follow the Novice plan as it's written, but with a 10-15% reduction in mileage for each run for 3-4 weeks. If that goes well, I'll step back into the mileage planned on a stepback week. This week's plan . . .

Wednesday: Ride about an hour of hill repeats.
Thursday: Try another run. Do strength.
Friday: Swim in the morning, power yoga at night.
Saturday: Short brick. 10mile ride and 2k swim -or- Try a run run and 2k swim. (depending on how Thursday goes).
Sunday: Ride about 25 miles. Do yoga.
Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: Try another run.

I'm such a pimp, I even run with a limp.

4 tidbits of wizdom:

Duane said...

Very cool!

TriTurtL said...

Congrats!!! Keep up the great work Pimpin' limper!

Allez said...

Do you have a pimp cup too? heehee

Joy | Love | Chaos said...


What? Huh? Philly?

Are you coming up here for a Philly race? Please tell me it's the Philly Marathon in November.

Which one? Which one??

(okay, enough with the question marks...i know...)