WEEK 12/5, Day 5/6: Peaking duck, last long workout before the race, and why I don't race handicapped

I'm peaking. Not to be confused with Peking. Quack.

Just for the record: not always a great idea to do a hill ride the night of strength work. I did the usual PT/strength routine and then went after work for a 30-mile hill ride. OUCH. I was sore and cranky and beat up all night.On the plus side, when I get to those "rolly-polly" hills at the race, they'll be NOTHING.

This morning I swam 2k at Lucky's followed by the 40k Olympic TriAmerica cycle course. I started working out at 7:45 and was done around noon. This will be my last long workout before the race. Of course, this includes drive time, but I wanted to put myself out in the elements at similar times and for similar distances as I would see during the race. the ride was amazing. Soooo much better than last night. The heat wasn't too bad, I hydrated enough, I ate a teeny bit, and I made it in under 2 hours including 2 stops to fix my chain and refill water bottles. (For me, that's good.)

Tomorrow is my last high-intensity workout before the race: the first 5k I did is a 3-mile course this year and I am guaranteed to beat my time from last year's race and feel strong about a 3-mile PR as well.

        Al usually doesn't get invovled in my races, but he does listen to me babble, and (occasionally) babble back. We had a conversation a while back about my racing as a handicapped or "challenged" athelte. Because of my conditions (especially the neurocardiogenic syncope, for which many people have handicapped status and parking tags because we're not supposed to be spending a lot of time in the heat or standing a lot,) I'm sure I qualify. But I will never race as a handicapped or challeneged athlete. Call it silly, but I don't think it's fair for someone who has full use of all my limbs and a few silly heart conditions to call myself handicapped when there are much braver athletes out there who really are partially disabled or handicapped (wheelchairs, insulin-dependent, you name it). If I did drop on a course, all the EMTs would have to do is run an IV and get my electrolytes back up. Not a big deal. And I'm in control of my body and mind enough not to let that happen. I proved it today.Ok, I'm off to see if there's any news about Tea's first race of the weekend.

        PT, as usual . . .

        • stationary lunges, 2x15
        • hip adductors with resistance band, 2x15
        • hip abductors with resistance band, 2x15
        • calf stretch on slant board, 3x30sec
        • calf stretch on prostretch, 3x30 sec
        • double-armed push with resistance band, 2x15
        • double-armed pull with resistance band, 2x15
        • single-armed pull with resistance band, 2x15
        • single-armed push with resistance band, 2x15
        • torso twist with resistance band (15x2, to left and right)
        • rolling push-up on knees with yoga ball, 2x20

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