WEEK 12/5, Day 7: PR? I got your PR right here . . .

In the car world, a car that isn't flashy-looking but can beat the snot out of you is called a "sleeper." That's what I feel like today.

No one expects to get passed by the chubby chick with the big boobs. But today they did. It was like, you don't see me coming for you, but I'm coming.

3 miles in 31:17. In 80-degree, 80% humidity. I finally moved from the back of the pack into the middle. I finally had a semi-respectable race pace. I finally got into the 10s. And I could have gotten into the 9's if I hadn't given my "final push" too soon, or if I'd pushed a little harder at a few other points during the race. But that's ok. I was comfortable for most of the race. And I have plenty of time to get faster.

And plenty more where that came from.

I may finish the HOT next week at the very back of the pack, and it's okay if I do. I'm not worried any more about being the "last" or even "one of the last." Because if there's anything I proved today, to myself and anyone else, it's that I definitely have it in me.

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