WEEK 12/5, Day 4: And, just when I thought it couldn't get any better . . .

WOW. This was the most amazing run I've had in at LEAST 6 months, and to think that it happened on my long run was even more amazing. Now I understand why I have runs like I did on Tuesday. Because that crappy 5-miler prepared me for the fabulousness that was this morning's run. If I hadn't had that experience on Tuesday, I would have thought this morning's run was subpar. I would have gotten to the part that hurt a little (somewhere between miles 8 and 9), and said, How bad do I suck? How slow am I? This run is poopy. I hate being injured.

I didn't bring my watch. All I brought was knowledge of my route (a little over 10 miles), my headphones and my water bottle. I didn't start to feel rough until mile 9, but that was because there were some hills, which I'm not supposed to run. (I didn't count the time on the hills - I was actually a good girl and didn't run them, like I was told.) I ended up going abou 12 miles, but I made a detour to Publix at mile 10 for more water.

Warmup mile (mile 1): 15 minutes and change
Run (miles 2-11): 109.5 minutes (1:49:30 and change); pace, 10:57 per mile
Cooldown mile (mile 12): 18:29

Total distance covered: 12 miles
TRT: 143 minutes and change (2 hrs, 23 minutes)
Average pace: 11:58 per mile

Tonight's workout . . . . drill swim, 2000yds. Somehow, during the swim, I not only didn't realize how fast time was passing, but I also forgot that 8 sets of 10 250-meter exercises equalled 2kyds, not 10 sets. So I realized I was missing my 6:30 call at like 6:45.
  • warmup, 250yds
  • kick drills with board, 250 yds
  • drills with hand paddles, 250yds
  • drills with pull buoy, 250yds
  • pull buoy and hand paddles, 250yds
  • fingertip drag drill, 250yds
  • fist drills, 250yds
  • side kick drill, 150yds
  • cool down, 100 yds
One of my cohorts on the Higdon forums reminded me that the 3-mile race is Sunday, not Saturday, which means I can do a 2k openwater swim on Saturday, but I don't know where I'd fit in my long bike ride. I think I may be stuck doing my swim in the pool after the race on Sunday. There's no way I'm going to ride at 9am after I swim. But then again, that could be good practice for the heat next week.

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