WEEK 12/5, Day 3: The Mother of All Ass Kickings

Something has changed.

Something big.

I felt better today than I have in months. This week, my attitude and overall energy level have increased a little every single day. I woke up Monday feeling like a new woman. I was having some trouble sleeping the past few nights and pooped in the afternoons, so I took last night as a rest instead of doing a second workout, and that made me feel even BETTER. Today was almost the usual in PT, except we did more pain management and fewer actual exercises. I just added some in when I got home.

  • hip adduction with resistance band, 15x2 each leg
  • hip abduction with resistance band, 15x2 each leg
  • calf stretch on slant board (3x30sec)
  • calf stretch on prostretch (3x30sec)
  • torso twist/squat with resistance band (15x2, to left and right)
  • double-armed push with resistance band, 15x2
  • double-armed pull with resistance band, 15x2
  • single-armed pull with resistance band, 15x2 each arm
  • single-armed push with resistance band, 15x2 each arm
  • rolling push-up on knees with yoga ball, 2x20

Then tonight I went for a hill riding skill session with Adam Baskin, who was named one of the top cycle fitters in the country by Triathlete Magazine in their Road to Kona issue this year. Whoever said there aren't hills in Florida is on crack. sure, it's nto San Fransisco, but still. I did several sets of hill repeats with him (of course, I'm slow as hell on hills, but our focus was technique, not speed). Then, just for fun, I decided I wanted to ascend a long hill with about a 9% grade. I had to zigzag my way up but . . . .

I made it.

I didn't puke.

I didn't stop.

Just the confidence boost I needed.

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FunFitandHappy said...

Glad you're feeling better....Sounds like you're ready for the HOT. See you in a couple of weeks....