Top 10 Reasons Triathlon Has Helped Me Be Happier With Myself

10. There's always a reward. Some times you get a medal just for crossing the finish line, and you get at least a t-shirt just for showing up.
9. Shoving yourself into skintight spandex and getting your photo taken while you're blowing snot out of your nose, wincing, or looking constipated makes you really appreciate the way you look in your everyday clothes.
8. Your size and weight have absolutely nothing to do with your ability.
9. Stretch marks don't look so bad next to chafing.
7. A chipped pedicure is nothing compared to losing a toenail.
6. You don't have to be the best at everything. You can be ok at one or two things and still come out ahead.
5. Proper nutrition yields immediate results.
4. Unlike other popular weekend activites, you actually remember what you did the next day, and you want to brag about it, not pretend it never happened.
3. Being yourself really is all you can do, because no matter how good you are, there's always someone faster or stronger.
2. There's no need for hair, makeup, or wardrobe. To quote my mom, "Vogue will not be there to take your picture."
1. Fat floats.

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Allez said...

haha :-) I like all 10!