It's painful to be a winner: Pictures of the Award

It's painful being a winner. I can barely walk today. Oh, did I mention school starts tonight and I'll have to wander around campus, getting my books and hobbling back and forth from 3-hour classes?

I'm waiting on the pictures of the race to be published, but here is the award. You're damn right I'm making a fuss over it . . . it's my first award in triathlon. It'll have a pic of me in it eventually.

Did I forget to mention that Camp Blanding is where my dad trained when he was in the Army National Guard before he transferred to the Air Force? More good karma, I guess.

4 tidbits of wizdom:

Joy | Love | Chaos said...

I just lovit!! I want one!!

Bravo, chica. Plus, I just love the easy button in the background, although I'm assuming that didn't work on race day... ;)

FunFitandHappy said...


As far as your HIM pole....Joe Friel put it the best....How do you know when you're ready to go long? You don't....You commit to the race, train, and pray

triU4IA said...

That is SOOOO awesome!!! That just reflects that triathlon is a race against others, but more importantly yourself. With, or even without, the award, you will always know what you had acheived and all the work you did to get there. It's certainly sweeter with the desk candy. Congrats.

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

And you should be excited. Take it to work so everyone can see it. Put it on the living room table or next to your alarm clock as motivation to get out of bed.