The calm before the storm

This week has been average. Just . . . . average. I'm not eating all that great (or all that terrible). I'm sleeping a lot when I can. Class is back in session. I'm not working out, but I've lost 10 pounds. Such is life.

I know I only did an Oly this past weekend, but I'm taking my PT's advice and taking the week off from any serious working out. I may go down and swim in my community pool today, but I'm not timing myself, giving myself a certain number of laps, or even promising I'll do more than 2. I may ride my bike, but I'll quit when I get tired. Just . . . . average.

My body is thanking me. My leg seems to be getting a little better every day.

This is the calm before the storm, however. Next week, I go on to marathon training, back to work full time, and school kicks into full gear. By the time I'm on my last semester and getting ready to graduate, I'll be training for St. Anthony's.

Lord help me.

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Tea said...

I think it's smart to take the time off. I didn't realize how taxing an Oly could be...speed + distance = tired. :)