Notes on nothing

So, remember how Seinfeld was a show about nothing? This past week has been my own personal version. Even right now I'm doing nothing: drinking a beer, waiting for a friend to come over, listening to the last couple loads of laundry spin. I'm not even wearing makeup. I've done all my homework and I'm getting my laundry caught up and cleaning up the house. I may go grocery shopping - I may not.


On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, I didn't even work out. I slept until EIGHT A. M. several days this week. EIGHT A.M.?!!?!?! Imagine what I got done that morning.


I rode 11 miles on Thursday and did a power yoga class today. I'll do yoga again tomorrow and Tuesday night, and on Tuesday morning I'll try a 1-mile run. Wednesday morning I will swim and I'll go to class at night; Thursday I'll run again (if Tuesday went ok; if not, bike) and do strength at night; Friday I'll bike ride in the morning and run at night it Thursday went ok (if not, I'll bag the PM workout or swim). Saturday I'll swim at Lucky's and Sunday I'll do power yoga and another run if Friday went ok.

See? Nothing.

Next week will be Week 9 in the Novice Marathon Plan, so I should be able to jump back into it - it's a stepback week, or maybe week 10 is, but either way I'll jump back into a stepback week if this week goes well.

In the mean time, I'm enjoying doing nothing. My body and mind are thanking me. I'm appreciating spending time with friends I haven't seen during tri season. But, and I want this to go down on the record, in black and white, for posterity, as a reminder, to me and anyone else who goes through a big race or a big training period and takes a break . . . .

Doing nothing feels good, but it feels nowhere NEAR as good as doing SOMETHING. And something feels nowhere near as good as doing everything you can.

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