I need some grumpy time. It's a 2-4-1!

It's a 2 for 1 . . . as Tea would say.

I'm a little bit frustrated. No, make that a little bit puzzled. No, make that a LOT puzzled. Go back here and see how long ago I felt like I was making a breakthrough. Yeah, it's been almost a month since I've been really hitting my training hard. I took my strength/flex work up to 3 times weekly. I took my hill work up to twice a week, now 3x weekly ont he bike and 2x weekly on runs. I took both my weekly swims up to 2kplus. I'm doing drills. I'm doing repeats. I'm doing intervals. I'm only resting one day a week.

And I'm still. Not. Getting. Any. Faster.
And the hills. Aren't. Getting. Any. Easier.
And I am still. Not. Losing. Any. Weight.


Look, I've said it before, I don't expect miracles. I just expect not to get as tired when going the same distances after I've been hitting them for weeks and training efficiently, or at least to go a little faster when I do hit them.

I know, I know. I ran pretty fast Thursday. But one run does not improvement show. And my rides and swims are not keeping up. In fact, my 500m crossings at the lake were 1 minute per crossing slower last week than they were months before when I did my 2nd crossing. I've even been eating better and drinking less. And I have not lost an ounce. Not a millimeter. Not an inch. NOTHING!!!!


One more peak week to go . . . and then the Oly. I thought after two practice races, increasing in distance each time, pumping up my training, sticking religiously to my rest days, resting when my body felt sick, eating better, working on my form - are all supposed to bring results. So why am I stuck in the same place? At this rate, here's how I predict the Oly will shake down.

Swim: 1500m. I'm guessing 45 min. Bike: 25mi. Supposedly hills, so that means my usual 16mph pace is NIL. 2 hrs. Run: 10k. My PR for this distance is 1:14ish, so I expect 1:30 for the run. This means it will take me like FOUR AND A HALF HOURS to finish. And that's IF I get my transitions right, IF I don't bonk, and IF I nail my nutrition.


I know I'm supposed to be happy with just finishing, but I've been training like a rock star and I want to see some results, dammit.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

Do you think it's an overtraining issue? Or the heat?

The Original MAJ said...

I think it's the heat. I have a hard time thinking it could be overtraining because I had plenty of rest days the weeks of my practice races and I've been leaving out a lot of my "optional" workouts.