WEEK 11, DAY 7: 30 miles of hills . . . what a beautiful ride

This morning's ride was beautiful. I have to say, even though I was only at my hill pace, which is about 13mph, UGH, and I got passed by the two guys who came after me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. (At least they were nice when they passed me.) 30 miles of hills, some about 30mph descents, just gorgeous. Can't wait for the next one!!!

The post-ride run started out bad. The calves actually seem more sore since PT. By the time I had run/walked almost 2 miles, they were warmed up and I didn't feel too horrible, but by then I was just over it. I figured my plan had been to work out from 7am-9:30am, and it was almost 10, so it was time to quit.

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