WEEK 8, DAY 7: 2 miles, for the hell of it

I decided to add a 4th run to my week because runnning is my weakness and to "tri" out my new tri outfit. (Har, har! The punnery!) As I was rounding corner, sighting the end of my run, the 400-meter mark seemed to be 4 miles away. My right leg was hurting. I was hot. I was tired. And I still had 90 minutes of power yoga in a hot room ahead of me.

I have no doubt I can do 26.2. I know it won't be pretty (as you've seen from my race photos, I'm an ugly runner). I know that it won't be easy. But I knew it was possible when I crossed the finish line at 13.1 after several months of almost no training and much sickness. Still, there are days when I wonder: if I'm struggling with 2 miles, can I really go 140.6?

Reviewing my training logs for the year, I really have been sick a lot. I haven't nailed even half my desired schedule until May of this year. Well, the good thing about August is this: the Oly will be over. My discipline and mileage will be built very high. At that point, 4 runs plus 1 cross train and 1-3 strength session per week will look like a cakewalk compared to my 3-3-3-3 plan.

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