WEEK 9, DAY 1: Week 8 Recap and REST

I feel like warmed-over ass. I think I caught that stomach/sinus thing my two other co-workers had. (Ahhh, the benefits of working in close quarters in a small office.) So, I'm sitting here in my PJs watching my cats rumble around the office, re-hashing the previous week of training. It's actually a good thing I'm sick today because I would have gone straight through training until after practice race #2, which wouldn't have been the best thing.

I'd like to think that I'm not exactly a noob to training, even though I'm a noob to triathlon. I started running 12 years ago and weight-training 10 years ago. I've been an ashtanga yoga devotee for a good 5 years. I've accumulated a lot of knowledge in that 12 years, and I read a lot. I am also lucky to have Ironman Dawn as a friend. With that base, I schedule my weeks pretty intelligently for a noob: 3 cycles, 3 swims, 3 runs, and 3 strength or flex sessions. I then tailor my week to whatever my schedule mandates and my weaknesses dictate. Last week, for example, I did 4 runs, 2 rides and 2 swims because running is my weakness right now and needed the most work. One thing I never skip: I trace the alphabet with my toes twice daily on each foot since I have foot muscle issues.

Triathlon-Specific Strength Training. 1-3 superset of 12 reps each of the following: 1-armed pull with resistance band on each side; 1-armed push with resistance band on each side; hip adduction and abudction with resistance band on each side ; two-armed pull and two-armed push; hamstring curl and hip lift with exercise ball; rolling push-up on knees with exercise ball; low-reach to high-stretch torso twist; 8-point directional lunge. Alphabets. If time permits, 30-second one-leg balances on exerdisc, reaches and stretches for toes on a step, and toe-scrunch with towel.

Nonetheless, we all do dumb things. Like thinking we can push through two weeks of training and a race without a full rest day. Or like training as infrequently as I as before May of this year and thinking I could still PR.

I haven't even seen Todd's race report yet, so I'm off to do that!

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

freakin' slacker. Just because you're pulling off 9 workouts a week doesn't mean you can just SKIP Todd's race report. ;)

FunFitandHappy said...

looks like you're doing well Megann Ann.

The biggest mistake I consistently see people making is overtraining....too many workouts too hard with not enough recovery time....

Make sure that you're following a training schedule that's based on where you are and where you're headed.