WEEK 8, DAY 6:Why does every triathlete think they're slow?

Today's workout was a 2.5-mile run followed by an 800m OW swim followed by a 2.5-mile run. As usual, I was the last runner and the second-to-last person out of the water.

I just keep wondering, with all the training I'm doing, why am I still so fucking slow?

On the run, Michelle tells me something I've said many times: I'm usually so far behind I think I'm first. As I'm leaving, I tell Susie to look for me at the back of the pack at next weekend's race. She says, Oh, I'll be last on the run, all right! Meanwhile, she kicks my ass in training runs. Training. Imagine how much faster she'll be when racing?!!

My friend Ironman Dawn, my Race Mentor and inspiration for getting into the sport, told me once that she's a slow swimmer. Then I watched her pull off a 40th out of 161 finish at St. Anthony's with 5 weeks of training. (Her finish times: 2:47:37 total. 1.5k swim at 29:06 - 1:57 pace; T1 3:23, 25-mile bike at 1:17:44, 19.2mph pace, T2 2:41; 10k run, 54:45 - 8:49 pace ) Yeah, like slow is a 1:57 swimming pace! Maybe if you're an automaton from the planet Triathlabot?

So why do tritheletes always think we're slow? Even the people who (unlike me) have no reason to think so?

Meanwhile, my pride and my underarms are both completely chafed, and my husband's cousin will be here in minutes, which means I once again have no time to get ready and I have to play happy couple all day. I think maybe I'd rather be running this week's 4 mile run.

2 tidbits of wizdom:

Tea said...

I recently ran a race slower than what I train at. I felt that it was ok to call myself slow for that race because the Triathlon Gods were spitting on me that day.

Whether I cross the IM finish line in 12:00:00 or 16:59:59, I'm still a finisher.

SO there! We're proud and we're slow!

todd said...

I think most say they're slow because they are SLOWER than they want to be. I am actually slow and have the numbers to prove it. So there.

I really love your blog Meggan Ann. I get such a better sense of your personality than at that other place. It's to bad you're too far away to go for a training run with me. A nice, slow, training run.

(Please don't take that as stalker talk...)